Recruit Like a PRO for the Green Industry

Learn how to fully utilize the internet to recruit highly qualified lawn care and landscaping employees quickly.
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Finding a Reliable Work Force is TOUGH.

As a leader of a successful lawn and landscape company
  • Have you ever stayed up late at night wondering where your next employee will come from? 

  • Are you worried that programs like H2B might fall through and you'll be stuck between a rock and a hard place? 

  • Do you feel like you've hit a wall in your recruiting efforts even though you've tried every opportunity out there?

If you're feeling defeated and frustrated when it comes to recruiting and hiring in your business... 

You're Not Alone.

Thousands of companies throughout the US are in the same boat as you because the H2B program is unreliable, the local work force seems non-existent and the competition is fierce.

I've Been There Too.

Hi, I'm Kelly Dowell and I created the online course Recruit Like a PRO for the Green Industry to teach people just like you where to find quality employees that can help your business thrive and grow.

I'm sharing all the recruiting secrets that I learned the hard way when my family's lawn and landscaping company didn't get H2B approval just one week before the Spring rush.  Nearly 85% of our workforce wasn't going to be able to help us and we were short 30 people in April 2015. But, by early May, just one month later our company had a WAITING LIST of eager applicants ready to join our team! 

That was a big deal, but what’s even better than that is knowing there are systems in place that will keep growing this business year after year.

Believe me, setting all this up didn’t happen overnight, and it wasn’t all easy. But YOU don’t have to struggle through the sleepless nights like I did. Instead you can access a course that walks you through all these processes, shows you the shortcuts, and avoids the headaches of trial and error.

Join me in my online course Recruit Like a Pro for the Green Industry where you'll learn exactly how to attract new employees to your lawn care and landscaping business. 

Here's what you'll learn in this course:

PART 1:  Using Online Marketing to Attract New Hires

You'll get an eagle’s eye view on both on and offline advertising tools, and we’ll discuss which methods will be most effective for you. On top of that, you’ll get a 3-part strategy you can use to quickly surround yourself with competent, reliable people.

PART 2:  Optimize Your FREE & Owned Media for Profits

These lessons reveal the ways you can trigger response with your own website whether you control it or have a web developer. We'll also go through everything you need to know about job posting ads and critique bad ads, good ads and I'll show you what to write and where to post!

PART 3:  How to Use "The Big Three" for Recruiting

In this section you'll discover the secrets of the biggest three paid media recruitment sites. I'll show you how to attract top talent while avoiding the common pitfalls others fall into. And the best part of all, you’ll get to see how a little company can pull talent away from the bigger competitors in your area.

PART 4:  How to Excite and Attract Your Best Future Hires

Once you have a steady stream of people applying to your jobs, you'll want to learn best practices for engagement. You'll learn how to use social proof to boost your brand even higher using tried-and-true tactics.

PART 5: Using Technology Tools to Boost Your Results

You don't want to miss this bonus that offers a few tips like email hacks, ways you can utilize Google's full potential, and a list of my favorite tech tools that will make your life easier as a green industry recruiter.

Is This Course Right For You?

I want your business to go from struggling employment numbers to rapid growth using these recruitment-boosting strategies, tools and tactics that help you right away. But I also want to you to be realistic. 
This course might not be for you if...
  • If you prefer to keep going at the same pace while constantly guessing how to find better employees.

  • If you don't see the value of investing in expert advice to help you stabilize and grow your business.

  • If you don't love waking up knowing you have employees already hard at work keeping the business (and the people you employ) comfortable.

At the end of this course, you'll have a "Reliable Recruitment System” in place AND you'll know how to attract new employees to your business. This will your business up for success for years to come. 

Join A Community of Great Results

Over 50 people have already completed and loved this course!

"Before we hired Kelly to improve our recruiting program, we honestly thought we had a grasp on what we were doing. We wanted to get a second opinion on our recruiting system and sure enough, we were heading in a path that wasn’t clear. Now that we have her teachings, our ads are bright and engaging and it’s teachable to anyone looking to have a surplus of applicants applying to work for you. Don’t let the talk about “there is no labor out there” fool you. Yes there is, you just need a professional to guide you in the right direction. Give her a shot! She’s amazing!"
Brandon Serpette
President/Papa Bear
3 Bears Landscaping


"I'm about halfway through it. It's like binge watching, I find myself always wanting to go to the next one. Lots of great tips. Small or large business - this will have information that helps you. Make sure you're spending your recruiting budget wisely!"
TJ Rau
Production Manager
Focal Pointe Outdoor Solutions


"The Recruit Like A Pro course has taught me effective strategies to market our recruiting efforts with the same creativity and expertise that we use to market our sales. The course offers solid solutions. Since starting the course (only a few weeks ago), I have made significant (yet simple) changes to our website Career Page (launching soon), and our ad placements. Qualified candidates have submitted resumes that we are currently reviewing. Thank you Kelly!"
Bill Dysert
Exscape Designs
"Just wrapped up the online recruiting course and implemented it. Our team now has all the tools they need to find the best talent and get them on board. Wonderful tools!"
Dennis Evans
Quiet Village Landscaping


"Kelly is a fresh voice/face in the landscape consulting scene. Personally, I’m impressed with her knowledge and experience. I’ve walked through the course and found it to be very pragmatic and useful."
M. Virginia Wood
Executive Director
Massachusetts Association of Landscape Professionals


“Being a predominant H2B visa company for well over 10 years, we went into panic mode when the cap was reached so quickly this year. Hiring locally has been difficult with our unemployment rate being virtually 0%. Then we decided to invest in Kelly’s Recruit Like a Pro course and WOW! I was disciplined in following the course one section at a time and I discovered that minor, inexpensive and even free changes and additions to our website and social media pages brought the applicants. Not just any applicants, experienced, interested and dedicated applicants looking for careers not just the next paycheck. We now have a waiting list of new hires! I couldn’t be happier with the results Kelly’s Recruit Like a Pro brought us!!”   
Kelly Slater
Vice President
Pleasant Landscapes

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  • After you complete a lesson, you'll be prompted to move on to the next lesson at your own pace

  • For each lesson, you’ll also print off a short action guide which will walk you through achieving one small step toward building your recruitment system.

  • The community of peers that take the course with you will guide you along with their comments to even greater success. 

  • And you'll have lifetime access to this course, so you'll own it forever. Any updates or subsequent versions will also be yours at no extra cost!  

This course is designed to help you find an abundance of your best employee prospects that drive your business to a new level in a way that is both fun and rewarding.

Recruit Like a Pro for the Green Industry


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