Green Industry Professional, Dog Lover & Student of Life

Hi! I'm Kelly!

I earned my degree in Business Administration with an emphasis in Marketing at Lindenwood University in 2011. Upon graduation, I began working full-time for my dad's lawn and landscaping company, Dowco Enterprises Inc

I realized there was a huge opportunity in front of me with Dowco and I was determined to be "the best account manager that our clients had ever seen".

Through that experience, I learned I have the ability to establish successful systems, then hire and train others to multiply the rewards.

I've trail-blazed nearly every position in the company, experiencing all angles of what it takes to run a family-owned, small business and it's been extremely rewarding. Dowco is now a team of 50 employees that serves nearly 1,000 clients in the West County suburbs of St. Louis.


One of my growing passions is serving several small businesses to help them strategically plan for growth and leave their own digital marketing footprint. I love solving tough problems, automating systems and freeing up business owners to be more flexible and free in their lifestyles.

I get to dream up and execute green industry companies' sales, marketing & recruiting footprint using social media marketing, email marketing, inbound marketing, and content marketing.

The select clients that I serve are located all across the United States, and serving them has become the most rewarding part of my career. 

What else? 

I start the day with coffee in my Ember mug, my kindle, and a kiss from my dog, Broozer...and before I fall asleep I make a list of the things I'm grateful for. I'm a student of life who will never stop learning or seeking new opportunities.

Feel free to reach out to me and make this world a little more connected!


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