10 Tips For Crew Members to Snap Social Media Worthy Photos

In the green industry, the power of captivating photos cannot be overstated. Whether you're connecting with potential clients on social media or showcasing your portfolio on your website, striking visuals can set you apart from the competition.

To ensure your business stands out, use these 10 essential tips with your crew members so they can snap social media-worthy photos.

  • Hamburger vs. Hot dog

Show your employees when to shoot vertically or horizontally. For example, Instagram story photos look best vertically, while most other videos should be shot in a horizontal frame.

  • Clean the lens and move your thumb 

We get it. Our team members are busy, hot, and playing in the mulch all day. 

But remind them before they snap a photo to clean their lens of dirt or smudges and move their thumb away before taking that amazing shot of their work!

  • Look for distractions

Train your team to scan their surroundings for distracting elements like flags, dog toys, dirty equipment, or random vehicles in the frame. 

Bonus points - this gives your crews a reminder to be safe and tidy!

  • Get focused

 When in doubt, use gridlines!  These are preset on phones to help your employees take well-balanced and aligned shots.

  • Keep it confidential 

Landscape crews and account managers are frequently at residential properties or private properties when working. 

Before snapping a picture, make sure to leave out any private information like addresses or license plates.

  • Stand still 

 Before and afters are some of the most effective photos for landscaping companies showcasing their services. Be sure to stand in the same spot in your before and after. 

Identify a unique feature at the desired location to easily get that after-shot when the time comes!

  • Give them a good phone

 Give your teams quality products and get quality results. We can’t expect premium photography from someone with an outdated phone or a broken lens.

  • Reduce shaky photos 

 Investing in stabilizers or mounts is an easy way to get photos and videos that look professional. You can find them on Amazon for as low as $40 and trust us, they are worth it!

  • No edits, please!

 The more natural the better. Edits and filters result in unrealistic photos and results for clients. It can also go against brand guidelines.

  • Showcase professionalism 

 Remind your team to keep it clean! Keep it professional with clean trucks, tucked-in shirts, and friendly smiles. Remember, people love to see people. This enhances the overall image of your business.

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