10 Tips For Crew Members to Snap Social Media Worthy Photos

In the green industry, the power of captivating photos cannot be overstated. Whether you're connecting with potential clients on social media or showcasing your portfolio on your website, striking visuals can set you apart from the competition.

To ensure your business stands out, use these 10 essential tips with your crew members so they can snap social media-worthy photos.

  • Hamburger vs. Hot dog

Show your employees when to shoot vertically or horizontally. For example, Instagram story photos look best vertically, while most other videos should be shot in a horizontal frame.

  • Clean the lens and move your thumb 

We get it. Our team members are busy, hot, and playing in the mulch all day. 

But remind them before they snap a photo to clean their lens of dirt or smudges and move their thumb away before taking that amazing shot of their work!

  • Look for distractions

Train your team to scan their surroundings for distracting elements like flags, dog toys, dirty...

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3 Pinned Post Strategies for Your Landscape Business on Instagram

In the landscaping industry, Instagram is your secret weapon for showcasing your stunning work. No one can scroll past a photo of a beautiful landscape design, a perfectly manicured lawn, or a brand-new patio. 

However, as time goes by, your posts can get lost in the shuffle, and some crucial content may fade into the background. This is where the magic of pinned posts comes into play. This simple process keeps relevant posts at the top of your profile so your audience can find them easily.

But it’s crucial that you pin the right ones. Read more to discover what pinned posts are all about, and the three must-have pinned posts that will keep your clients and leads hooked!

What Are Pinned Posts? 

Think of pinned posts like sticky notes on your Instagram profile, they play a crucial role in highlighting important information. They hold a special place at the top of your profile, making them the first thing your visitors encounter. It’s like having a friendly...

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How Landscapers Can Leverage Social Media Marketing During Cornavirus

Many of my clients have asked me recently what my recommendations are for posting on social media this week and in the coming days. 

  • What are some topics we can post about? 
  • Is it appropriate to ask clients for sales still? 
  • Should we jump on the Coronavirus bandwagon and tell everyone what we’re up to? 
  • Should we continue to spend money on social media promotions? 

According to Deloitte, studies show that we primarily rate brands based on personal feelings and experiences—not information. And when a positive emotional connection is created with a company, 92% of us are more likely to stay loyal, 88% are more likely to spend more, and 91% are willing to advocate on behalf of the brand.

Not only that, people are spending a significant more amount of time on social media as they’re quarantined to the house and working from home. 

My good friend Jason Cupp noted that many employees are laid off or furloughed and they may not...

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