Why Your Landscaping Company is a Great Place to Work and How to Keep it That Way

 Startup is Easy, Growing is Hard 

Chances are, when you first started your landscaping company, you knew everybody’s name. 

The team was small and tight-knit. You knew each person’s life story, their likes and dislikes, maybe even the names of all their kids. You’d shake hands with everyone on a regular basis, and the overall vibe of the company was more like a family than like a corporation.

If your company has grown rapidly, though, you may be experiencing some challenges.

You might not get to see everyone every day any more. You may no longer be the one in charge of hiring or onboarding new team members. And the warm, authentic personal connections—the human element that made your company such a great place to work in the beginning—may be starting to fade.


Don’t Let Growth Challenges Sink Your Company…  

If you let yourself get complacent about your employees’ morale, you’ll find it’s...

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