6 Ways to Segment Your Email Lists That Just Make Sense


Email marketing can be a game-changer for green industry businesses. It helps you build relationships, find new leads, and get more people to visit your website.

But here's the hitch: when you send out one-size-fits-all emails to a diverse group of customers and leads, you often get no response – just crickets.

Before you give up on your marketing efforts, try your hand at list segmentation. Keep reading to discover six simple ways to segment your lists and connect better with your audience!

What is List Segmentation? 

Simply put, list segmentation is the process of organizing your email subscribers or contacts into different groups based on things they like, where they live, what they’ve bought, or what they’re interested in.

For example, you wouldn’t give your succulent water every day, just like you wouldn’t give your fern bright, direct light for days on end.

Your clients are just as unique as your plants. The more personalized the care, the better the results.

Segment Your Lists Based On:

Sort your email subscribers into these categories and watch customer engagement increase:

  • Existing Services 

You wouldn’t over-water a plant that doesn’t like wet feet, right? Treat your clients with the same care! If your clients have already committed to a year's worth of fertilization services, skip the sales pitches for upcoming applications. 

Reduce confusion and keep your clients coming back for more!

  • Past Purchases

Consider a client who aerated their lawn this year, but hasn’t signed up for your fertilization program for next year. Segment them from clients who already signed up and email them to get them thinking about those services again.

  • Location

Make your leads and clients feel right at home by segmenting emails by location! If you have a prized subdivision or multiple branches catering to specific areas, send emails that speak directly to each unique spot. You can even include a photo of a landmark that they’ll definitely recognize.

  • Behavior

Just as plants can go dormant, so can people’s interests. Stay ahead by monitoring their behavior and tailoring emails accordingly. This could include those who expressed interest in a consultation but didn't proceed, those who used to opt in for mulching but stopped, or those intrigued by landscape design but didn't take the next step.

  • Activity

Timing is crucial for customer engagement. Think about when subscribers signed up, celebrated anniversaries, or asked for site visits or reviews. Send emails that match these moments. This approach makes them feel connected and appreciated in their journey with your company.

TIP: This works great for asking for reviews!

  • Client Type

Draw the line between commercial and residential clients. Think big business vs. backyard beauty. Provide specific insight, advice, and promotions that cater to their unique differences.

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