Irrigation Company Website Development: A Sister (Company) is Born!

Dennis Evans came of age in the landscaping industry. When he was young, he found that he enjoyed the outdoor ‘chores’ his parents gave him. Mowing, weeding, minor landscaping projects- it wasn’t a bad way to spend the day.


Soon, Dennis had transformed his parents’ yard into the best on the block, and neighbors began to notice. They came to him asking for help with their own lawns and gardens, and in 2001, Dennis started a landscaping company.


Quiet Village built its reputation from the ground up. It expanded slowly into more complicated projects. Hardscaping, garden installation, functional landscaping projects. Dennis’s little company became like those trees he planted in his parents’ yard. It just kept on growing. 


Since his company’s growth happened in such an organic way, Dennis found that many of his clients were asking for the same things. They knew Quiet Village had a reputation for landscape design and installation, and that was what they were after.


He’d always offered irrigation installation and maintenance, but because he hadn’t pushed it, customers weren’t intrinsically aware. 


After nearly 20 years in the business, Dennis decided it was time to change that.


The Plan to Expand Into Irrigation

Dennis came to Keldo Digital with the idea of expanding his irrigation department. Since his customers already had strong perceptions of what Quiet Village offered, we decided it would be best to launch a sister company, one focused solely on irrigation.


Dennis had grown one company from the ground up, but the landscape had changed since 2001. We devised a modern approach to building his new one.


We each had roles to fill. Dennis needed to hire an irrigation manager whose sole focus would be running the day-to-day of the new company. Meanwhile, Keldo Digital would establish a digital footprint to inform and attract potential customers.


Dennis started parsing resumes, and Keldo developed a web strategy built around 4 key elements. We needed to:


  1. Lean hard into organic SEO and high-performing keywords.
  2. Make it clear the areas we service. 
  3. Make it simple for people to contact us. 
  4. Build a new website that’s clear and laser-focused. 


Dennis had already purchased the domain name as a way to touch on #1 and #2 on our list, and we took over from there.


And we had some serious work to do. Dennis, like many small business owners, found himself slightly overwhelmed with the task of updating and maintaining his web site. In fact, when we took a look at the site he’d started, we found (among other things) that the phone numbers listed were outdated, and the contact form didn’t actually go anywhere.




Images from the old, outdated Quiet Village Irrigation Website


Building the New Website for Quiet Village Irrigation Co.

We designed a logo and a color scheme, which played off the existing Quiet Village logo. 

Quiet Village's existing logo and the new logo for the irrigation division


We updated the contact information, changed the logo, and branded the new site. We decided to use a single long-form page focused entirely on the irrigation aspect of this new venture. We supplemented that page with additional landing pages for each unique aspect of the business. With irrigation, there are three things every company does: system design, upgrades, and maintenance.


The NEW homepage for the Quiet Village's irrigation division to roll out in the fall


We repeated the same Call to Action (CTA) in multiple places on the site, so customers would have no doubt what to do next, and opted for a pop-up CTA.


Many people have reservations about pop-ups on their site, but pop-up CTAs have been proven more effective than sidebar or header CTAs by a large margin. In fact, according to inbound marketing agency Protocol80, pop-up CTAs have a conversion rate of 1%-8%. In comparison, sidebar CTAs covert at .5%-1.5%. 


We programmed the box so it would pop up only when the CTA is clicked. Which means it’s not one of those annoying popups that show up unwelcomed. 

The Call to Action (CTA) popup form with testimonial and ReCaptcha


After that, our primary focus was on using SEO to establish the what, where, and why of the company.


Preparing to Climb the Rankings

We can’t say whether a tree makes a sound if it falls in the forest. What we CAN say is that a web page that doesn’t rank doesn’t earn for its owner. 


Without a huge focus on SEO, we knew Dennis’s new company would struggle. Local advertising like truck wraps would help, but most shopping and service decisions happen online.


A simple services page focused on organic SEO for Irrigation System Installation in St. Louis 


All said this project took about 3 weeks to complete. 


Over the years Keldo Digital has developed proven strategies for ranking our clients’ websites, and we leaned hard into that knowledge. We applied everything we could and built a top-rated page that will ready for the company’s launch this fall.  


No Half Measures

When you’re launching a company, whether it is your first or your fourteenth, you won’t get anywhere with half steps and half measures.


Consumers have too many options to choose a company that isn’t in it 100%. That’s why Dennis hired a manager for his new company. That’s why he invested in a marketing company like Keldo Digital. 


If you want to start a business, if you want to live your dream, you can’t be afraid to jump in.


‘Keldo Digital is the best! They built me a beautiful website that’s easy to update and helped me develop a strategy for attracting new customers. I’ve never felt more confident in launching a new division online and I can't wait to see the results.’

-Dennis Evans 

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