Landscapers: Keep Marketing Money Reserved for Recruiting

As of writing this, the Mexican consulate announced they will be closing on March 18th with no reopening date in sight. I’ve heard mixed information from people who are boots on the ground with other reputable sources that say they may still process after that or up until the 25th, however no one is certain. 

Even companies who received an A or B position in the H-2B lottery, may be back on the same level playing field as the companies who weren’t so lucky or didn’t apply at all.

Every cloud has a silver lining, and the one that I see for this is that the unemployment rate in the United States is going up. Restaurants and bars are closing in several states and these bartenders and servers will be seeking new employment. Actors and people in the entertainment business are also looking for work. And students that may be off school and doing online classes are wanting to fill their "time off" making money.

I think the lesson here is keep some marketing money reserved for recruiting on Indeed and Craigslist. People are and will be searching for work and new career possibilities. 

The green industry is probably one of the best places to be in a time like this. The grass will grow, the weeds will germinate, trees will fall, and leaves need to be blown. There’s much work to be done - it’s SPRING and the weather is getting beautiful! 🌷Plus, we get to work outside and away from other people. 

That said, it’s a crucial time to beef up your training and onboarding. I developed a Virtual Orientation Package and I’d love to tell you more about how it can help you standardize your onboarding before your new candidate arrives. Be patient with your new recruits and give them the essential training they need to be successful.

Recruiting employees from Puerto Rico is an option on the table as flights are still coming and going there. Martin Recruiting and Consulting is a valuable resource to learn more about this fast method of finding vetted employees. 

Finally, look frequently (if not daily) at your spending on job posting sites. Don’t be afraid to give your rep or a customer service agent a call. Let them know what you’re up against and allow them to offer you advice on improving your job descriptions and promotions.  

Stay positive. We’re in this together. 🤗

Let me know what you've heard about the H-2B program and what you recommend for recruiting or traversing these uncertain waters.

Hugs 💜 Kelly

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