Raise Your Weekend Enthusiasm!

This morning as I was driving to work, I had a realization.  Typically I like to listen to a podcast and prepare my mind for focus and achievement on Monday mornings. But today, all I wanted to do was listen to loud music and drive fast! (Probably not a good thing, because if you know me I’m always getting pulled over for driving too fast.)

So at 6 AM, I was pumped up and full of energy…. and quite frankly this made me feel a bit guilty about missing out on a morning ritual.  But after reflection, I realize it’s ok to change up my routine every once in awhile. Here’s why.

At work, your level of enthusiasm HAS TO BE a 10.

If you consider yourself a leader, then you know the importance of bringing your ‘A’ game to work every day… especially on Monday’s and especially in the morning.  Your team relies on you to set the pace for how the day and the week is going to proceed.

I think most people will agree that they’re at a higher enthusiasm level during the weekends than they are when at work. So then, how is it possible to be at a level 10 on Monday morning?  Short answer: raise your weekend enthusiasm.

If you want to be at a level 10 on Monday morning then you need to make some momentous choices over the weekend that put your enthusiasm at a level 13! That means that you take care of whatever “home life” throws at you – grocery shopping, meal planning, spending time with family, exercising, catching up on sleep, etc.

The negative consequences of weekend productivity are tremendously amplified for leaders of any organization. Your company cannot afford you spacing out because you forgot to pay bills over the weekend, missed a kid’s soccer game, or didn’t get enough sleep.

I did it right this weekend. I covered all the bases at home, and at 6 AM on Monday morning, this girl was at a level 15. And although, I broke my morning ritual, I brought my ‘A’ game to work. Our sales team hit record numbers today too! (Oh, and I didn’t get a speeding ticket.)

What do you want your impact to be on Monday mornings?  How do you want to feel after the weekend is over?  How enthusiastic are you about the present work at hand?

“Today is a new day. You will get out of it just what you put into it.” –Mary Pickford

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