Rules Are Meant to Be Followed

Last week at a conference in Phoenix I was listening to Millionaire Coach, Scott Harris, and he asked the group to finish this sentence, “Rules are meant to be ______.” We all shouted out in unison, “BROKEN!”

Because, rules are meant to be broken, right?

But, we were wrong. Rules are meant to be followed. Here’s why.

Life is all about the decisions and choices that we make at every moment. If you decide you want to live to be 100 you have to follow proper rules around exercise and nutrition. When you get hungry, do you eat an apple or do you have cake? Do you take the stairs or use the escalator? Do you skip the workout when it’s raining or do it regardless?

Chances are you know the answer to these questions already. These are the rules.

If you make the decision that you want to keep your own teeth when your 80 years old then there are two very simple choices that you have to make every single day. Brush & floss. Brush and floss every day. That’s it! 

It’s so easy to be successful in life, but many of us are breaking our own rules all the time.

We splurge on Starbucks coffee when our goal is to save money for a vacation. We’re unhappy in our careers, yet we go home and watch TV instead of reading a book to grow our skills. We say we want to lose weight, but our fridges are stocked full of unhealthy snacks. We vow to spend more time with our families, yet when we get together our eyes are glued to our phones.

If you break the rules, you don’t reach your goals.

What rules do you need to be reminded of as you progress towards your goals? If you don’t follow these rules, what are the consequences?

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