Are Popups a Good or Bad Idea to Use On Your Website?

Have you ever had that moment when browsing a website and a pop-up suddenly appears out of nowhere? Sometimes this experience can be a bit of a bother, especially if you're focused or in a hurry. 

But when you use them wisely, pop-ups can become a great tool for promoting your business's services, promotions, and offers.

Keep reading to find out which pop-ups work best for your landscaping business and when to use them!

Most Common Types of Popups 

Big and Bold

Some marketing nerds call these "Welcome Mats" for good reason. They put your offer right in front of your visitors. For example, if a visitor is looking at your landscape design services, a clear popup offering a 10% discount on a landscape design consultation might get their attention.


Banners can be put at the top or bottom of your site and stay put as visitors scroll. These are handy for suggesting newsletter subscriptions or making seasonal announcements.

Slide-In Boxes

Slide-in boxes are smaller and sneak in from the side or bottom of your page. They're less in-your-face than big popups and let visitors continue browsing without too much interruption. These could be useful if someone's checking out your pest control blog and you have a free downloadable brochure about pest control services that you offer. 

Popup Triggers aka When the Pop Occurs!

Popups can be triggered by different things your visitors do:

  • Page Entrance: These popups show up right away when a visitor lands on a page. This timing can be a little annoying for most people so it’s best to use it with caution and/or a baller offer.

  • Page Scrolling or Interaction: These popups appear when visitors scroll to a specific point on your page or click on certain links, landing pages, or photos. 

  • Time on a Page or Inactivity: Popups can be set to appear after visitors spend some time on a page or if they've been inactive for a while.

  • Making an Exit: My favorite one! This is a bit more strategic. It pops up when a visitor tries to leave the page, giving us one last chance to catch their attention.

Popups Are Proven to: 

  • Increase Conversion: Popups can be pretty effective at turning website viewers into potential leads. 

  • Improve Engagement: Popups can boost visitor engagement by giving them something valuable. For instance, you can use a popup to offer a free ebook, a discount on your services, or access to exclusive content.

  • Raise Seasonal Awareness: Popups can help keep your seasonal services top on visitors' minds. You might use one to promote your latest blog posts or schedule a seasonal service. 

Tips to Make Popups Work Better:

  • Be Transparent: If your popup requests visitors to fill out a form, make sure to clearly communicate what they will gain from it. (And then execute)

  • Keep it Concise: Avoid requesting excessive information. Sure, you want their physical address but you don’t need it just to allow them to subscribe to your newsletter. 

  • Test and Refine: Take your popups for a test drive! Experiment with them to ensure they are both effective and user-friendly for your visitors. Simple changes such as color, location, fonts, and timelines make a big difference. 

  • Utilize High-Quality Visuals: Incorporate images, fonts, and videos that align seamlessly with your website's branding, while ensuring they don't fade into the background.

When Not to Use Popups:

  • Don't Interrupt Critical Tasks: Avoid using popups that get in the way when visitors are trying to do something important, like filling out a contact form or logging in to a payment portal.

  • Skip Irrelevant Content: Don't show popups for stuff your visitors aren't interested in. If someone's checking out your snow services, they likely don't want to see popups about fertilization treatments.

  • Use Them Sparingly: Going overboard with popups on every single page load can get on visitors' nerves. It's usually better to save them for special moments or actions to avoid overwhelming people.


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