Customer Service is Not a Department


Customers were asked, in a study, why they stopped doing business with a company and 43% named “negative experience with a staff person” as the main reason for taking their business elsewhere and 30% said because they didn’t feel like a valued customer.

Services are what consumers come to you and pay you for. (ex: lawn mowing, consulting, food delivery, personal training, etc) Customer service encompasses the entire experience. It’s what brings the human factor into a transaction.

Poor leaders see customer service as a department, something they can delegate to nice people that get along well with others.

But, customer service is not a department and it encompasses everyone in your company. 

Great service does not cost any more money than average or poor service. Yet the returns are spectacular.

Every single person in your organization is responsible for delivering exceptional experiences to your clients.  Choose today to go above and beyond.

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