Which Photo-Sharing Platform is Best For Your Landscaping Business?

In the green industry, images of your projects, work, and behind-the-scenes activities are key for client engagement and lead generation. 

These platforms not only streamline photo sharing within your team, whether they're on-site or at their desks. They also provide convenient access to fresh photos for your marketing department. 

Utilizing tools like the ones here enables both your team and your marketers to access photos effortlessly.

Keep reading to find out which photo-sharing platform is the best fit for your team!


Cloud-based photo and video sharing platform for the service industry.


  • Made for the service industry Time + address stamped 
  • User-friendly 
  • Allows detailed notes on photos 
  • Project-based organization


  • Price starts at $19-$29/mo 
  • Photos can be disorganized 
  • Needs internal processes to organize


Instant messaging, photo sharing, and collaboration platform for teams.


  • User-friendly 
  • Collaborative 
  • Flexible 
  • Diverse, customizable channels 
  • Seamless communication 
  • Free options


  • Requires an app to download 
  • Overwhelming features for small businesses 
  • 90-day deletion of pictures 
  • Requires organization


End-to-end encrypted messaging and calling app.


  • Compatible with Android
  • iPhone End-to-end encryption for security 
  • User-friendly 
  • Create groups 
  • Completely free


  • Lacks organizational and advanced features
  • Uses a large amount of storage space on a phone


Dropbox, Sharepoint + Google Drive

Cloud storage and file-sharing platforms.


  • Store and share large files with ease
  • Streamlined access across multiple departments
  • Easy collaboration
  • Large file storage
  • Privacy features


  • Internet connection required 
  • Potential security concerns 
  • Large file storage can result in unorganization


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