6 Ways to Segment Your Email Lists That Just Make Sense


Email marketing can be a game-changer for green industry businesses. It helps you build relationships, find new leads, and get more people to visit your website.

But here's the hitch: when you send out one-size-fits-all emails to a diverse group of customers and leads, you often get no response – just crickets.

Before you give up on your marketing efforts, try your hand at list segmentation. Keep reading to discover six simple ways to segment your lists and connect better with your audience!

What is List Segmentation? 

Simply put, list segmentation is the process of organizing your email subscribers or contacts into different groups based on things they like, where they live, what they’ve bought, or what they’re interested in.

For example, you wouldn’t give your succulent water every day, just like you wouldn’t give your fern bright, direct light for days on end.

Your clients are just as unique as your plants. The more personalized the care,...

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10 Tips For Crew Members to Snap Social Media Worthy Photos

In the green industry, the power of captivating photos cannot be overstated. Whether you're connecting with potential clients on social media or showcasing your portfolio on your website, striking visuals can set you apart from the competition.

To ensure your business stands out, use these 10 essential tips with your crew members so they can snap social media-worthy photos.

  • Hamburger vs. Hot dog

Show your employees when to shoot vertically or horizontally. For example, Instagram story photos look best vertically, while most other videos should be shot in a horizontal frame.

  • Clean the lens and move your thumb 

We get it. Our team members are busy, hot, and playing in the mulch all day. 

But remind them before they snap a photo to clean their lens of dirt or smudges and move their thumb away before taking that amazing shot of their work!

  • Look for distractions

Train your team to scan their surroundings for distracting elements like flags, dog toys, dirty...

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3 Pinned Post Strategies for Your Landscape Business on Instagram

In the landscaping industry, Instagram is your secret weapon for showcasing your stunning work. No one can scroll past a photo of a beautiful landscape design, a perfectly manicured lawn, or a brand-new patio. 

However, as time goes by, your posts can get lost in the shuffle, and some crucial content may fade into the background. This is where the magic of pinned posts comes into play. This simple process keeps relevant posts at the top of your profile so your audience can find them easily.

But it’s crucial that you pin the right ones. Read more to discover what pinned posts are all about, and the three must-have pinned posts that will keep your clients and leads hooked!

What Are Pinned Posts? 

Think of pinned posts like sticky notes on your Instagram profile, they play a crucial role in highlighting important information. They hold a special place at the top of your profile, making them the first thing your visitors encounter. It’s like having a friendly...

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How to Use Story Structure to Write Better Content for Your Landscaping Company

If you own a small business, even a landscaping business, you’re going to do a lot of writing. Web copy, blogs, articles. We often write more than we think we will, and as a result, our writing comes out rushed. Technique gets shouldered aside. But we promise you, if you keep reading, you’ll come away with some simple strategies to make your writing much more effective.


Believe it or not, we spend a lot of time reading. While leisure reading of books is falling, think about how much time we spend on our phones throughout the day, and what we’re doing with our eyes as we’re scrolling around our screens.


That’s right. We’re reading.


It might not be War and Peace, but we’re reading nonetheless. Over time, we develop a natural ability to differentiate between good and bad writing.


We might not think about it, but we are picky, demanding readers. We don’t waste time reading things that are preachy or poorly...

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How to Win Awards for Your Landscaping Company

You know you do great work. Your customers know you do great work. So why isn’t your shelf weighted down by engraved gold trophies and awards shaped like embossed glass shark fins?


In landscaping, as with most industries, awards don’t chase you down, you have to be proactive. To go out and get them. That’s how the Grammys work. The Oscars too. If you want one, you’re going to have to do a bit of campaigning.


Luckily, there are TONS of local and national landscaping awards you can apply for, competitions you can enter that play to your strengths. And awards you win come with benefits that go beyond the hardware.


Awards give you an edge over your competition. They provide a well-deserved pat on the back to the employees who work so hard. They congratulate property owners on their creative ideas and YOU for bringing them to life.


Hey, it’s okay to want awards. Winning feels good!


So how do you find competitions to enter?...

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Irrigation Company Website Development: A Sister (Company) is Born!

Dennis Evans came of age in the landscaping industry. When he was young, he found that he enjoyed the outdoor ‘chores’ his parents gave him. Mowing, weeding, minor landscaping projects- it wasn’t a bad way to spend the day.


Soon, Dennis had transformed his parents’ yard into the best on the block, and neighbors began to notice. They came to him asking for help with their own lawns and gardens, and in 2001, Dennis started a landscaping company.


Quiet Village built its reputation from the ground up. It expanded slowly into more complicated projects. Hardscaping, garden installation, functional landscaping projects. Dennis’s little company became like those trees he planted in his parents’ yard. It just kept on growing. 


Since his company’s growth happened in such an organic way, Dennis found that many of his clients were asking for the same things. They knew Quiet Village had a reputation for landscape design and...

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Marketing for Landscaping Companies: In-House or Hire Out?


Landscaping is a Pretty Cool Job


Landscaping is a pretty cool job if you think about it. Our office is outside for the most part, in the fresh air and sunshine. We get to be creative and solve problems. Landscapers are basically artists who paint with living materials. Who blends natural beauty with curated functionality. Our work touches the senses. You can smell it, touch it, feel it, and taste it.


Some of us love it so much we devote our entire lives to it. We hone it as a craft, give it years of our lives, and in the process, many of us decide to start our own landscaping companies.


It’s a great feeling, seeing your name on those fresh-pressed company t-shirts. Having homeowners gush about your work when your team finally finishes off that landscaping project they’ve been dreaming about for years. You made it possible. You made it happen.


But business ownership brings problems. One common problem faced by many of today’s...

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A Pawsitively Awesome Website Positioning and Rebranding Experience for Denver Dog Trainer


You could say that Marni Center is an animal person.


She moved from Deerfield, Illinois to Denver to study ecology and evolutionary biology. She's owned beautiful dogs and had so much fun training them that she completed The Animal Behavior College’s Dog Training program after she graduated. Since then, she’s made dog training her career, and she’s trained dogs all over the Denver area.


As Marni became more involved with the world of dog training, she began to find problems with some of the training methods her peers were using. That’s because many of them were using a method called Aversion Training.


Marni working on training with a client's dog


Aversion Training is a very common strategy for training dogs in the US and aims to expel unwanted behavior by utilizing things that are unpleasant to the dog such as shock collars, loud noises, and spray bottles. While this method often seems like it is working in...

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Why the Green Industry Should Cut Back on Print Advertising

Well, that's a bold thing to say! But, hear me out.

Print advertisements can be great when they are designed for a niche area that you service. It’s an opportunity to develop name recognition for your brand while promoting seasonal services and/or events. 

However, if we’re looking at a limited marketing budget to spend, print advertisements would be one of the first that I cross off the list. The main reason is simply shelf life. Anything that you send out in print will eventually get thrown into the recycling bin.

On the flip side, digital marketing footprint lasts forever and allows for more precise, specific, and measurable campaigns. This leads to better, more quantifiable results. 

Here are a few ways you can assess your online presence, cut back on what’s not working, and double down on what is. 

Take a look at your leading and lagging indicators.

Return on investment (ROI) is a huge metric but it is a lagging indicator, meaning it will...

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Ways the Green Industry Can Use Email Marketing to Their Advantage Now

I don’t know about you, but with the Coronavirus and the Flu going around, I’m limiting everything that I physically touch. Is it time to think about shredding direct mail and door hangers? 

Maybe, maybe not. But what we do know works is email marketing. Harvard Business Review did a comparison between direct mail and email marketing and to summarize their case study: direct mail costs about 100x as much as email marketing and ROI-wise, email marketing campaigns performed about 95x better.

But, we are all inundated with emails already and Covid-19 has amplified that even more. So it’s our duty to be brief and to the point. Use imagery to show instead of tell what you’re explaining. Stick to one call to action per email (ie: what action step do you want the reader to take?) 

The majority of us welcome positivity and feel good vibes in our inbox instead of cancellations, closings and craziness. Remind clients of your commitment to buy from local small...

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