Two Big Enemies of Success

There are two big enemies of success, happiness and personal fulfillment.

The first is “The Path of Least Resistance”. This is what causes people to take the easy way in almost every situation and seek shortcuts.

The second is “The Expediency Factor” which says that people invariably seek the fastest and easiest way to get the things they want, right now, with little or no concern for the long-term consequences of their behaviors.

In other words, people do what is fun and easy rather than what is necessary for success. In many ways, this is even worse as far as leading people to underachievement.

Successful people make it a habit to do things that other people don’t like to do. Successful people are also more concerned with “pleasing results” whereas unsuccessful people are more concerned with “pleasing methods”.

How can you practice delayed gratification, the ability to put off satisfaction in the short term in order to enjoy...

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Raise Your Weekend Enthusiasm!

This morning as I was driving to work, I had a realization.  Typically I like to listen to a podcast and prepare my mind for focus and achievement on Monday mornings. But today, all I wanted to do was listen to loud music and drive fast! (Probably not a good thing, because if you know me I’m always getting pulled over for driving too fast.)

So at 6 AM, I was pumped up and full of energy…. and quite frankly this made me feel a bit guilty about missing out on a morning ritual.  But after reflection, I realize it’s ok to change up my routine every once in awhile. Here’s why.

At work, your level of enthusiasm HAS TO BE a 10.

If you consider yourself a leader, then you know the importance of bringing your ‘A’ game to work every day… especially on Monday’s and especially in the morning.  Your team relies on you to set the pace for how the day and the week is going to proceed.

I think most people will agree that they’re...

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Rules Are Meant to Be Followed

Last week at a conference in Phoenix I was listening to Millionaire Coach, Scott Harris, and he asked the group to finish this sentence, “Rules are meant to be ______.” We all shouted out in unison, “BROKEN!”

Because, rules are meant to be broken, right?

But, we were wrong. Rules are meant to be followed. Here’s why.

Life is all about the decisions and choices that we make at every moment. If you decide you want to live to be 100 you have to follow proper rules around exercise and nutrition. When you get hungry, do you eat an apple or do you have cake? Do you take the stairs or use the escalator? Do you skip the workout when it’s raining or do it regardless?

Chances are you know the answer to these questions already. These are the rules.

If you make the decision that you want to keep your own teeth when your 80 years old then there are two very simple choices that you have to make every single day. Brush & floss. Brush and floss every day....

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